Tuesday 14 July, 2020

Kite enthusiasts fly again after long COVID-19 break

Kite enthusiasts came out to Pigeon Island Thursday, June 11, 2020, to celebrate and share the love of kiting after being starved of their passion due to COVID-19.

The kiters, which included children and adults, displayed several themed kites including a COVID-19 one and a Black Lives Matter one in observance of what the world is presently facing.

Member of the Excess Kites Group, Linden Browne, described kite flying as a way to detox and detach from daily life activities.

Linden Browne

“One of the things that has kept us flying kites and you wonder why when you look, we have most of the guys here are professionals in their own right. But why kites?

If you think of just kite making and going and fly a kite and how tedious it is, that may deter you although it would teach you discipline, perseverance that kind of thing.

But we have taken it one step further and now we have been challenging ourselves and each other at new concepts, designs and that’s what we come here to do and that’s what keeps us going. Besides, apart from politicking and COVID, we need to detach from the normal daily activities and stresses of life.”

Mr Browne also touched on the cultural and traditional aspect of kite flying saying: “First of all we have to speak to culture and tradition and you can go as far as the Caribbean and beyond the Caribbean, they have commercialized it. However, beyond the Caribbean, we have chosen to keep it local, cultural and the idea of home-made designs, that is what has kept it and has intrigued us. It’s about keeping the culture alive.”

Regardless of their enthusiasm for kiting, members adhered to the social distancing protocols wore masks and sanitized while enjoying what they love.

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