Tuesday 11 August, 2020

Mangal explains viral Richard Frederick cheque incident

Senator Timothy Mangal

Senator Timothy Mangal

Managing Director of Total Construction Supplies, Senator Timothy Mangal has cleared the air on an incident at his establishment last month involving contractor and former government minister, Richard Frederick. 

A video of the incident was posted on social media prompting Mangal to defend his position.

In the video, Frederick is seen in a disgruntled state speaking on his phone to Mangal after employees refused to accept a cheque payment from him.

Snapshot from viral video

Frederick is heard accusing Mangal of putting his name on a bad cheques list and playing politics. He also says this is the second time that this has happened.

"I tell them if they want a cheque for the whole business, I can write a cheque for the whole business," the popular talk show host declared.

He further declared "A reputable man like me. I am financially sound. You not taking my cheque?"

Ahead of Wednesday's sitting of the Senate, Senator Mangal distanced himself from the allegations.

"We were not discriminating against Mr Frederick, we were not playing politics. The staff was simply following the protocol that was established in accepting personal cheques."

He further went on to explain what transpired. According to him, there are standard protocols in every business establishment in accepting cheques. 

"Mr Richard Frederick did not present himself, he sent a young lady with a blank cheque. All the cheque had on it was Mr Frederick's signature. In a case like this normally that would be accompanied by an authorization letter to the person saying I sent so and so on my behalf. That was not done or he could have done a purchase order where you list the list of materials and your signature which would match the signature on the cheque. The lady did not have that either. "

In addition, he stated that the young lady presented an expired license of Mr Frederick and she had no identification on her part. 

"If we had accepted the cheque, Mr Frederick would have stopped the cheque and say listen this was not authorized, I am not paying and he would have been right. So in the interest of the business, in the interest of Mr Frederick, this is a standard protocol. You cannot go to any bank presently with a third party cheque and cash it."

Mangal said that his employees attempted to reach Mr Frederick using a number attached to the cheque but to no avail.

During the video, Frederick can be heard saying that he is owed an apology and that the store's refusal of the cheque embarrassed him.

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