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One year later Arnold Joseph's mom prays police who killed him suffer

Arnold Joseph, deceased

Arnold Joseph, deceased

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of Arnold Joseph.

The 17-year-old was shot and killed on May 22, 2019, at about 10.30 pm at the intersection of Chaussee and La Pansee Roads.

Lawmen allegedly opened fire on the vehicle he was in after the driver reportedly failed to obey a police directive to stop.

According to reports, Joseph accepted a ride home from an individual known to him.

The vehicle eventually became involved in a high-speed chase through the city of Castries with the police which ended in the 17-year-old being shot.

Arnold's mother, Joanna Joseph, spoke out on the occasion of the anniversary of his untimely death to express the depths of her grief.

She began by thanking those who have supported her and kept her in their prayers before communicating a deeply pained expression of grief in which she prayed for the suffering of those responsible for taking her son’s life.

"Today has marked one year since my son has been killed by the hands of the St Lucian police force. Still today there has been unanswered questions and no answer to the tragedy on what had happened that night.

They say justice take time and justice take patience but I believe justice comes in many ways. I believe justice come in the form of the law of our country, in the form of the law of man, in the form of the law of prayers, in the form of... by God’s grace.

Every day has been challenging for me. My life has never, ever been the same from the day I get this first message saying that they think it’s my son that got killed. From the day that I saw his face lying down on this table at Victoria Hospital saying yes, this is really him. From the day I saw his body in a coffin. From the day we had this funeral, which I don’t even remember. From the day we put him in a tomb and cover him up, my life has never been the same because of this.

I pray with everything in my body, I pray with every bone and every blood that runs through my vein that the actions and the act of the police officers that did the crime, that they seek justice in the way that justice needs to be served. I pray God, they suffer every pain that I am feeling right now in my body throughout from the day that I knew that they took my son away.

I pray that they don’t have peace in their life, Lord Jesus. I pray that they are suffering the same way that I am suffering and not only me, everybody else that their life had changed because you guys took Arnold away from us.

I hope you guys are suffering. I hope every tear that drops from our eyes you guys are feeling some kind of pain. As today mark one year since my son had died, as today mark one year since you guys took his life, left him on the ground to suffer and to bleed to death like he was an animal, like he wasn’t loved by no one, like he wasn’t a human being.

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But I hope that you guys know that he was loved by many, he was cared by many, he was a very loving individual and I pray to God that the blood of Arnold Jonah Joseph lied on you hearts for the rest of your lives. If justice is not going to be served by the law, my prayers and the prayers of many, might fall upon your head, and the blood of my son’s life will tarnish you for the rest of your life.

Loop News also spoke with Allison Jean, who lost her son Botham Jean at the hand of a then police officer who entered his apartment and gunned him down in Dallas, Texas on September 6, 2018.

Ms Jean said, "As a mother who has lost a son to police violence, I want to reach out to the mother of Arnold Joseph on this first year anniversary of his passing. I understand how hurtful it is for a mother to see her son slain at the hands of police but worst yet, after one year, we have not heard any accountability for his death.

This is a life, a young life that has been taken and there has been no answers for this tragic death from anyone. The authorities, the police, the judicial system owe us St Lucians an

So this one, after one whole year and promised investigations by the police, is really disheartening. It gives a sense of lawlessness in our small country St Lucia on this first anniversary.

I'm calling on the authorities to provide an explanation, provide the outcome of the investigation into the death of Arnold Joseph so at least there can be some comfort to his family, to his mother in particular, and to all St Lucians because we don't know whether our turn will be next."

Efforts to reach police on the matter were futile.

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