Monday 28 September, 2020

Parents urged to be vigilant after alleged attempted rape of minor

Human Rights Advocate, Felicia Browne

Human Rights Advocate, Felicia Browne

Parents and guardians are being warned to be vigilant after a man was accused of attempting to rape a five-year-old child at Bois Patat on Friday.

"We are living in very uncertain times, particularly with this pandemic. As a result, many vulnerable persons including minor and elderly persons are homebound. Even with this serious pandemic, persons with criminal intents will continue to prey on vulnerable persons," Human Rights Advocate, Felicia Browne told Loop News Monday.

The alleged suspect's plans were averted by Bois Patat residents who tied and beat up the assailant as they waited for the police.

"We as a society should remain vigilant of our community members and loved ones. With the mandatory requirement that citizens wear masks, it is important that we keep an eye for unusual behaviors and individuals who are hoping for an opportunity to prey on unexpected victims. This incident with the minor is very alarming. Parents and guardians should ensure that children are never alone and are in safe environments. We should applaud the community members for their swift actions which have saved the life of the minor," Browne said.

She continued: "The reality is child predators can appear in all forms or disguises; we should always remain vigilant and aware of our surroundings."

"The police must also be commended for the prompt action to apprehend the alleged perpetrator. We must reinforce that parents and guardians must place a greater effort to protect our children and keep them safe from the desperate actions of criminals," Browne said.

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