Sunday 29 November, 2020

Philos Saint Lucia provides local remedies for everyday illnesses

Mam Agee's and some other products from Philos Saint Lucia

Mam Agee's and some other products from Philos Saint Lucia

Disclaimer: This article is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult your doctor for medical advice. Results may vary and claims have not been scientifically verified.

For centuries, many people have relied on traditional herbal medicines to meet their healthcare needs.

However, with growing medical advances, most people have turned to modern medicine which can often produce side effects that cause harm.

Philos Saint Lucia, a local business that specializes in natural beauty and health remedies, continues to highlight the value of herbal medicines with their extraordinary products which help curb everyday illnesses.

The business was birthed in 2013 when Glen and L’Erin Philogence were seeking a remedy for their son who suffered from digestive problems. The medications which the doctors prescribed were way too strong, produced too many side effects and never got rid of the issue. They then consulted Glen’s grandmother who provided them with a herbal remedy that got rid of the issue completely. From then on, the couple stuck to the culture of using herbs for any maladies that they experienced.

Every single product at Philos Saint Lucia is developed through intense research. The couple is fully educated about every ingredient and what it does to the body. All products are tested by the family before it is placed on the market so customers can feel a sense of security when using their products.

Philos specializes in Lucian soaps which are locally made mineral soaps using sulfur from the Sulphur Springs, activated charcoal, rosemary, and local cocoa, to name a few. These soaps heal skin problems such as eczema and dry skin.

In addition, they produce a wide range of tonics and tinctures which are an infusion of herbs, roots and gin or moonshine. The tinctures are fast-acting and are placed underneath the tongue, for example, the rosemary tincture provides quick relief for headaches and is said to be more effective than Panadol. They also manufacture herbal remedies that are targeted to specific illnesses for the eyes (cataract, glaucoma, blindness), ears, sinus and inflammation.

Rubber Rub, one of their best sellers, provides rapid relief for people suffering from inflammation, and Mam Agee’s tonic, which is another popular product, helps control weight, reduces sugar cravings, and balances the hormones.

Not forgetting their coconut oil infusions which treat skin discolouration, poor blood circulation, hypertension, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Philos is the natural remedy guru and you are sure to find a cure for just about anything. Their prices are reasonable and their products are packaged to make it easy for customers to use.

You can catch Philos this week from Wednesday to Saturday at the Blur Coral Mall, follow them on Facebook - Philos Saint Lucia to keep up with their schedule or call 1-758-723-0479 for more information about their products.

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