Friday 5 June, 2020

Pierre says COVID-19 has exposed government failures

Leader of the Opposition Philip J Pierre said that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the government.

He did so in his presentation at the SLP Virtual Town Hall Meeting, held last evening, Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

“COVID or no COVID the Government of St Lucia has not changed course. The arrogance has remained,” Pierre said, noting that the pandemic has simply exposed the problems government had failed to address: “Mr PM COVID has exposed the bluffs.”

He said that the prime minister has tried to compare St Lucia with other countries in the Caribbean that are doing much better than us.

“Jamaica is under an IMF structure adjustment programme but there was a stimulus of millions of dollars for the people of Jamaica. Grenada is under an IMF program and there is some sort of relief. In St. Vincent there was a stimulus package. In Dominica, where there was a hurricane, there was a stimulus package,” Pierre explained.

He added that in Dominica, a gallon of petrol is $7.38, compared to $11.00 in St. Lucia.

“What do we get in St Lucia? What is the government solution to the COVID crisis in St. Lucia?” Pierre asked.

He said all the government is doing is complaining that it has lost revenue, adding that we have all lost revenue.

Pierre said the government boasted that the country is doing well but that is not the case. He said while the prime minister boasted that the country grew by 4%, the IMF said it grew by 1.8%.

“Where was the growth hidden?” he asked.

Pierre accused the government of spending money on prestige election projects which he said should not be a priority at this time.

Presentations were also made by Hon Shawn Edward, 2nd deputy political leader of the SLP and Hon Dr Ernest Hilaire, 1st deputy political leader of SLP, who continued the onslaught on the government.

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