Sunday 12 July, 2020

Quarantined with kids? Explore Latin America, Caribbean via Disney

UP (Internet image)

UP (Internet image)

Walt Disney can help you take your kids to some cool destinations without leaving your home.

With borders closed, travel restrictions and cancelled flights, the lovers of travel are feeling as though their wings have been clipped. 

So, what's the best way to still experience some culture from around the globe while stuck in your living room or bedroom?

In this episode of travelling with Disney, for those parents who are secretly wishing schools could find a way to enforce social distancing and reopen safely, here is how you could take or send your child on a trip to Central America, South America or the Caribbean without fear. 

However, the catch is, without long airport lines, flight times, possible delays and departure lounge layovers, your kids will only be gone for about two hours at a time. But, they can travel and give you some peace and quiet nonetheless.

So, where in the Caribbean, Central and South America can your children go via Disney while on quarantine?

  1. UP - Angel Falls, Venezuela
  2. Shark Tale - The Bahamas
  3. El Dorado – South Mexico
  4. Shark Bait – Near Dominican Republic
  5. The Emperor’s New Groove - Peru
  6. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – Bermuda
  7. Rio - Brazil
  8. Coco - Mexico

Video caption: Trailer for Shark Tale

Where are you taking or sending your kid first?

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