Saturday 15 August, 2020

Mission of Seventh Day Adventists to host telethon for its schools

The Mission of Seventh Day Adventists is preparing to host its very first Christian Education Telethon on August 2, 2020.

The telethon is geared towards raising funds to assist students at the Mission’s four institutions namely the Saint Lucia SDA Academy, Emmanuel SDA Combined, La Baye SDA Primary School and Eucharist Lewis SDA Primary School.

Executive Secretary and Treasurer of the Mission of Seventh Day Adventists, Rose Desir, highlighted the impact of COVID-19 on parents and sponsors of the school and said it is the main reason for hosting the telethon.

“As we are all aware, COVID has disrupted lives without prejudice and at our schools... the parents of our children, the sponsors of our children are no exception. So, we have a situation where many parents, many sponsors have lost their income and as a result its very difficult for them to continue supporting their children at our institutions. We are hoping that through this telethon we will raise some much-needed funds for parents who are struggling so that they can continue supporting their children,” said Desir.

The Mission of Seventh Day Adventists, which is a non-government funded institution,  is looking to raise $1.2 million through the telethon which Chairperson Pastor Lucious Phillip states will help not only the students but aid in upgrading the schools’ e-learning platforms.

“Our schools are in dire need right now, as alluded to, many parents have lost employment and we want to help them with paying school fees. We also want to upgrade our e-learning platforms because come September even though the schools reopen, there will be a need for online learning and for other projects that we have,” said Phillip.

“Our schools do not only help our children academically. We believe in moral development; we believe in the spiritual development of our students. We believe that our school doors should remain open because it provides a buffer and some form of security to help our children to not only do well in the workplace but also to be strong moral citizens,” the pastor said.

The telethon will be streamed live via Elenor Studios Facebook and Youtube pages, Saint Lucia Mission's Youtube page and Praise FM and will feature local and regional Gospel artists as well as spoken drama.

The Mission of Seventh Day Adventists is encouraging everyone both locally and in the diaspora to view, participate and most importantly pledge towards the cause.

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