Friday 4 December, 2020

Someone caused this accident - Former Moto X president on fatal crash

Scene of the accident

Scene of the accident

Former Saint Lucia Moto X Club president, Terrol Compton, has reacted to the death of motorcyclist Andy Jn Baptiste.

Jn Baptiste, 23, died after colliding with a minibus head-on as he swerved at high speed to avoid a vehicle that turned on to the Vieux-Fort/Laborie Highway.

Compton spoke with Loop News today (August 12) saying: "It is my belief that the factor that affects us all as motorists on a whole is a lack of due attention, and the question is, if one causes an accident, can one not be held under that banner... reckless riding or driving?"

Photo Andy Jn Baptiste had uploaded to his Facebook page

CCTV camera footage of what occurred just prior to the accident and of the accident itself have been circulated online.

Compton is of the belief that someone caused this accident: "Someone caused this young man to wave, yes we can look at the matter of speed and say speed is a factor. There are many factors, a minor road getting into a major road is a major factor and we see that in many of these all around St Lucia."

Compton continued saying: "What if this young man had gone on to the side of the road where there was a crowd of people? What would have been said then, it's his fault?

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At the end of the day, he has lost his life sadly, and as much as we say the motorcyclists have to be carefulhe had a helmethe had proper shoesyes, speed was a factor, no question about it, but if only one had used due care and attention, you have to make sure that area is clear before you cut across because he is actually going across a lane, which gives the right to the person who is traversing in the flow of traffic."

Compton reiterated his recent appeals in the media for motorcyclists to be more carfeul and vigilant but also made an appeal to all car drivers, motorists and pedestrians to use the road safely and be in general more aware of what is going on.

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