Tuesday 27 October, 2020

St Lucians disturbed by Barre de L'Isle witchcraft viral video

St Lucians are spooked following a video that surfaced on social media showing six dolls that were found in the Barre de L'Isle forest all tied and nailed upside down to two tree trunks.

There were five female and one male plastic dolls with person's names written on them.

Many believe that this is connected to witchcraft or the occult.

The two men who found the mysterious dolls said that this is their second encounter with these strange activities in the area. One explained that he had previously spotted three beheaded fouls burning together with three upside-down brooms some time ago.

Reverend Seth Ampadu, Superintendent of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia, believes that if you are strong in Christ, no form of black magic or voodoo can affect you.

“This black magic and voodoo, they are real. In the video, the person is invoking spiritual forces to destroy some people who might have offended them. My belief is that if you have not done anything wrong against anyone, no matter what they do behind you using black magic or voodoo or whatever, it will not affect you. So, it is important as believers we need to be strong in Christ. So that when we are in Christ these powers cannot work against us.”

Reverend Seth Ampadu

He continued to stress the fact that these powers do exist, but they only work for those who believe in them.

“My advice is we should not focus on those things. Even though they are real, they are there, focus on God who is more powerful than these powers. They are there but they don’t have control unless you give in to them, then they can control you.”

Reverend Seth is appealing to St Lucians to continue to be faithful to God.

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