Tuesday 20 October, 2020

Tell Us More: Kim Charlery, Creative Self Care Guru of Bandbox

Kim Charlery

Kim Charlery

Kim Charlery is the founder and creative director of the lifestyle brand Bandbox.

As a creative person, she loves expressing her individuality and is extremely passionate about providing avenues for people to do that in every aspect of their life. 

Kim believes that creativity is self-expression, and self-expression is self-care.That’s why Bandbox created their signature Mood cord and every other product that they have designed since; to help people #LiveColourfully. Living colourfully is about using your imagination, and expressing yourself in a creative way. 

Whether you express it through your personal style, the way you organize your home, sewing, cooking, drawing, painting etc; spending time doing something beautiful, and making yourself happy matters.

At Bandbox the goal is to revolutionize the way we look at self-care by empowering people to connect with their personal power through creative self expression and inspire them to Live Colourfully. 

Follow her on Instagram @thebandboxofficial, shop at www.thebandboxofficial.com and check out her Youtube channel 'Bandbox'.

What is it like being a designer?

It is a very rewarding experience being able to take things from concept to finished piece; knowing that what I make has the power to change someone’s life. From the way they see themselves to how they experience a special occasion; it is something I don’t take for granted.

What is the one thing about you that often surprises people?

My sense of humour! I think people assume that I am very serious based on my social media presence but I’m actually quite sarcastic and fun-loving!

How would you define success?

Success for me is having a great balance between my personal and my professional life.

What has been your most humbling experience as a designer?

Every lesson that I have gained through this journey has been humbling. They help me to grow and know better next time. I’m grateful for the opportunity of on the job learning and failing forward.

If you could be remembered for one thing what would it be?

Empowering people to express themselves. UNAPOLOGETICALLY! 

Where is your happy place?

Anytime I’m able to create freely or express my creativity.

What is your greatest fear?

Letting myself down

Animals or babies?

Depends on the animal. 

What talent do you yearn for?

I’ve been blessed with many talents which I’m super grateful for. There is no talent that I wish for that I don’t already have. 

What lesson has been the hardest to learn?

That you can’t rush the process.

TV or music?


What food makes your happy?

I love food, as long as it agrees with me, we are good to go!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sitting under the stars.

If you had to change one thing in life what would it be and why?

The stigma against mental health because I feel like we will be more willing to take care of our mental health if it was more acceptable to talk about it. Yes, it has come a long way, however, we need to get to the point where it is so acceptable, we can brag about it like with our workout routines and physical transformations.

What is the business tip you have got and never forgotten?

Start where you are and fail forward. I literally live by these two philosophies.

As a designer is it more important to be liked or respected?

Respected. Trying to get people to like you is a fool's errand.

What is your personal motto?

Merci bondye (Thank God for that)



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