Tuesday 1 December, 2020

The young talented entertainer – LJ Fabulous

Leon Leonell Joseph also known as LJ Fabulous, has been lighting up the airwaves not only as a DJ but also as an all-round entertainer.

The young Saint Lucian has taken the island by storm since his debut on Blazin FM as a DJ and radio announcer in 2017. I’m sure most of you have experienced his genre-blending expertise at Gros-Islet’s newest Frydays or one of Ultra Lounge’s popular weekend parties. For LJ, being a DJ is not only about pressing play, it is about creating diverse styles and modes of enjoyment which he is very passionate about.

LJ grew up around music. He would practice his disc jockey skills at small family gatherings in his community of La Croix Maingot and always enjoyed the thrill of entertaining people. His passion for music continued to grow as he spent most of his time observing the techniques of his uncle Webbie D who was a popular DJ at the time. The turntables, the loud speakers, and the drops from mainstream artists fascinated LJ so much that he decided to make this his profession.

He started by broadening his musical collection and educating himself about the different genres.

“I used to buy CDs and rip them unto my computer. My mother also used to help me by teaching me about the different old school songs from artists like Sparrow and Gabby.”

He utilized his weekends to practice at Love FM and got his official radio disc jockey job at Kairi FM. While working there, he juggled other small events around the island alongside some established DJs and he continued to absorb all that he could in the process. In 2015 after the devastating death of his father, he took a break from the profession but returned with a bang when he was given the opportunity to join the team at Vybe Radio.

2017 was the beginning of a life-changing career for LJ when he joined the Blazin FM family.

“I was really happy to be there. It was a different vibe and I was really grateful. When I went there, I changed my name from ‘Ready Mix’ to LJ Fabulous. I said I wanted to do something different, so I changed my image, I bleached my hair. Playing with people like HP gave me more knowledge in the field.”

Working with Blazin FM presented numerous opportunities for the multitalented entertainer. He secured gigs with Asari and Legends Carnival bands, he traveled, his social media following increased, he gained more fans and he ultimately became a better, more professional DJ.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has crippled one of his main sources of income which is events, LJ says that he has used the time to work on his craft.

“In the future, I want to travel some more and learn about different countries. I want to be more versatile and I want to work on myself. I want to do more entertainment-wise. It’s not about playing music but it’s about entertaining the crowd. I want to get my mixes out there and be big like Private Ryan and these guys. I want to be that established Lucian DJ that has great mixes out there.”

LJ advises young DJs to learn and educate themselves in using the DJ program and ensure they invest in the proper equipment to be productive in the field. Follow him on Instagram @lj_fabulous758, email ljfabulous@hotmail.com or call 1-758-461-7434 to book him for any events.





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