Tell Us More: Bawse Cartel

Kurt Rafael, popularly known as Bawse Cartel, is a 32-year-old entrepreneur residing in the town of Vieux-Fort. He has been in the events management business for about 5 years and also engages in s...

September 06, 2020

Tell Us More: Chazzi

Chazzi Desriviéres, better known as Chazz, is a professional pannist who has been actively involved in the art form for over 10 years. He was raised in a musical environment and was taught to play ste...

August 30, 2020

Tell Us More: Pilot ‘Mr Plenty Loving’

Pilot is a vibrant 25-year-old artist from the neighborhood of Mongouge, Choiseul, which is the budding cultural hotspot of St Lucia. His musical journey began during his secondary school...

August 16, 2020

Tell Us More: ShanRo ‘Queen of the Roro’

The girl with a BIG voice and personality, “small in size, big in surprise” as many call her. To know her is to love her, Jamaican ShanRo, isn’t your average girl, she considers herself t...

August 09, 2020