Tell Us More: Selector Twis

Barry John, also known by his entertainment name ‘Selector Twis’, is a disc jockey and radio host on The Wave Radio Station. Selector Twis has gained a wealth of knowledge in this field and has m...

November 29, 2020

Tell Us More: Chela 'PurpleHaze' Mendes

Chela Mendes also known as PurpleHaze is a television host/producer at DBS TV. She has been doing this formally for the last four years and absolutely loves every moment. Prior to getting into t...

November 22, 2020

Tell Us More: Curtney Tisson of Beat Envy

Curtney Lavune Tisson is a young entrepreneur, founder and artistic director of Beat Envy Makeup Studio. Tisson is active in the pageant scene serving as chaperone/coach, makeup artist, and stylist...

October 18, 2020

Tell Us More: Bawse Cartel

Kurt Rafael, popularly known as Bawse Cartel, is a 32-year-old entrepreneur residing in the town of Vieux-Fort. He has been in the events management business for about 5 years and also engages in s...

September 06, 2020